For over a century, the name Nelson has been linked to the moving industry of Kenosha and Racine. So it seemed only natural when, in 1965, the family formed a new company dedicated solely to the commercial and industrial moving business in Southeast Wisconsin. From that time forward, the company has expanded to serve the growing needs of its customers. Today Bane-Nelson, Inc., is the standard bearer in commercial and industrial construction, plant and equipment relocation and the furnishing, installation and repair of hollow metal doors and frames.

A Commitment to Excellence

Over the years, we have built a reputation based on trust, responsive service, attention to detail, competitive pricing and an unparalleled record for meeting deadlines. Our continuous development through various economic conditions has made it possible for us to recruit and retain a professional staff that is motivated to consistently give its best effort while maintaining the highest standards and staying constantly alert to customer needs.

At the same time, Bane-Nelson, Inc. understands the need for flexibility and has the capacity to react quickly to changes without affecting schedules or budget. Our personable staff responds positively as problem-solvers when such instances arise. Indeed, customers have been impressed when the Bane-Nelson, Inc. professionals have pointed out and resolved difficulties they themselves were unaware of.

While there are always those who will bid less to do a job, none can produce a better product at a lower finished cost. Customer satisfaction results from a combination of price and quality, never off price alone.

This commitment to excellence is apparent in every Bane-Nelson, Inc. project, whether it be the cleanliness of a construction site, the high quality of components and attention to detail or the meticulous care exhibited when moving valuable heavy equipment. We also strive to be a full-time safety engineer as well as a team of specialized experts who inspect and maintain our large fleet of modern equipment. This effort assures our customers a liability-free relationship and our employees a safe working environment.

Indeed, concern for our staff is no less than for our clients. From the outset, management has striven to develop skilled workers with good character. When we hire young people, we do so with the intention of thoroughly educating them and retaining them as valued, permanent employees. They become part of the Bane-Nelson, Inc. “family” and as such share in its work ethic and community values.

The Nelson family is deeply involved in the life of the community and encourages its work force to do the same. It is this combination of first-rate employees and business philosophy that has made Bane-Nelson, Inc. a leader in the industry.

The proof of all these assertions lies, not in advertising claims, but in the many customers who return to us time and again, especially those who, having used one of our services, seek us out for our other areas of expertise. Their trust is our highest commendation, for Bane-Nelson, Inc. is “known by the customers we keep.”